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The Business of Elections: Large Infra projects needed

Read senior media professional Sanjay Rammoorthy's response to Bizbuzz questions.


Bizbuzz: How important are the Elections 2019? Do you think the result will shape the nation’s future?

SR: As important as any of the past elections. The result shaping the nation’s future may be carrying it too much. It will have an effect on the short and mid-term social and economic environment. The result possibilities are endless at this point of time and the situation dynamic to say the least. Stability will be the critical ingredient for a good future.

Bizbuzz: What should be the priorities of the candidates while addressing the electorate?

SR: The issue is not what the priorities should be while addressing the electorate, but what will they do is they win. This election has been billed as the dirtiest so far. Impossible to keep promises are being made yet again, and mudslinging on the opposition (whoever they are) is at the lowest ebb. Our only hope is that the electorate is mature enough to see though and then exercise their ballot.

Bizbuzz: From a business point of view, what is your suggested agenda for the next government?

SR: Subsides of any form is never the answer to poverty eradication of improvement of quality of life. What the country needs is large infrastructure projects, not only to benefit from the direct effects of the project, but also the ripple effect it will have on the overall economy. This has to matched with stringent fiscal measures to plug all loopholes of wastage. Critical is a comprehensive Agriculture Policy sans loan waivers and subsidies, ensuring scalability and sustainability.

Bizbuzz: Do you think the politicians’ dream of making India an economic super power can be realized?

SR: Politicians dream – really? are you serious?. Their only dream is power and the selfish benefits that they can accrue.

Bizbuzz: What do you think should be done – from reforms to performance – to speed up economic growth?

SR: Answered previously.