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The Business of Elections: Freebies Must Go

Dr T Vinay Kumar, Co-Founder and Senior Partner at Kochi-based Guide Advertising responds to Bizbuzz queries:


Bizbuzz: How important are the Elections 2019? Do you think the result will shape the nation’s future?

VK: India is marching towards growth and leadership in all spheres. The nation needs a stable Government and a leader with a clear vision.

Bizbuzz: What should be the priorities of the candidates while addressing the electorate?

VK: Priorities of the constituency and need of the people should be addressed. And of course they must keep their word in following it up and see to it to make them reality.

Bizbuzz: From a business point of view, what is your suggested agenda for the next government?

VK: Stability only brings in investment - both Indian and FI's, and growth. India now has a very good chance  to be the No 1 investment destination.

Bizbuzz: Do you think the politicians’ dream of making India an economic super power can be realized?

VK: The subsidy Raj must be controlled.  Instead of distributing everything free to people they must be encouraged to work and earn their bread.

Bizbuzz: What do you think should be done – from reforms to performance – to speed up economic growth?

VK: Single window clearance in the real sense made into practice to accelerate growth. Entrepreneurship  must be given priority and made a mandatory topic in all the Universities and colleges. Education system must be revamped to made skill-oriented.